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Sass Second-NPHS November News

             Thank you for your patience and understanding during some unexpected twists at NPHS in the last couple of weeks!  We have put your student’s safety first and work hard to avoid disruptions during the school day.  Our maintenance staff is working to correct any issues in the building to provide a safe, working environment.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.  I assure you that we are doing all that we can to rectify any disruptive situations at NPHS. 

 We are moving quickly through our 2nd quarter of the first semester. Huge shout out to the Sophomore Class for winning the Attendance Challenge the first quarter!   We will continue to focus on attendance and academics by holding our students to high expectations. A reminder: students must have 90% attendance to attend our dances, including prom.  

 Thanks to all the parents/guardians who came to our Parent/Teacher Conferences.  We appreciate your time and effort to meet with us.  We had an excellent turnout. 

As you may have noticed, construction is underway.  The front of the building that was damaged by the storm is beginning to take shape, and the demolition in the East End has started.  The East End will be our new CTE wing, which will be home to our CTE courses -- Art, Agriculture, and Robotics, to name a few.  The (new) front is beginning to have the foundation poured, so it will be ready to begin building in the spring. Thank you for all of your patience with the changes in travel patterns and drop off/pick up.  Our new bus loading and unloading system seems to be helping with traffic.  We have a new parking lot open near the softball fields.  This will be open during evening events at NPHS.  Please take advantage of this new area. 

            Our seniors met with Jostens to discuss graduation needs.  It’s never too early to begin thinking about commencement. Please remember that seniors must be passing all core classes on May 23, 2018 in order to participate in commencement ceremony on June 3, 2018.  Our Guidance Department is working with our seniors to make sure that they have their “plans” in action for life beyond high school.

            Please remind your students that we offer extra help in English, Math, and Science Monday through Thursday from 2:30-3:30.  This is a great opportunity to find a quiet place to complete homework and receive extra help, if necessary.  We appreciate the teachers who are willing to spend extra time with our students so that they may be successful.  If you need help logging into the ParentPortal to check grades or assignments, please do not hesitate to call the office.  Our iStudents and iCoaches would be happy to help you with the process. 

            Thank you to the senior and junior parents and guardians that encouraged their students to attend our ISTEP+/ECA English & Math Remediation sessions this month.  These are a great review for the test, and it is part of the waiver process for graduation,  if necessary.  The State of Indiana is working on new Graduation Pathways that will begin with the Class of 2023 for new graduation requirements.  Once these requirements are determined, we will share the information with you.  Our juniors and seniors who have not passed the ISTEP+/ECA for English and Math will be retesting December 5th-8th.  Testing will take place on the iPads; please make sure your student has his/her iPad charged and ready to go.  We will be creating the best possible testing environment for your students.

            Please continue to check out our NPHS website and Facebook!  Our calendar is listed on our website page.  Take time to check out the talents of our students in one of the many activities that go on at NPHS weekly! Enjoy a safe, restful Thanksgiving and, I’m thankful to be able to be a part of the NPHS community!

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NPUSC Early Release Days

September 28th, 2017
Dear Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s),
During the 2017-2018 school year, the New Prairie United School Corporation will be participating in early release days. Our goal with the afternoon early release days is to be able to provide our teaching staff with professional development opportunities to better support our students within the educational setting. Many schools in our area and throughout the state participate in a similar concept and NPUSC is excited to provide this professional development model during the school year. The Indiana Department of Education allows each school a specific amount of instructional minutes that may be allocated for early release times and this varies between secondary and elementary schools. Below is additional information regarding these early release days.
What days will the students be dismissed early in the afternoon?
Monday, October 9th
Tuesday, November 7th
Wednesday, December 6th
Thursday, January 18th
Friday, February 16th
What time will each school release students during these specific days?
Olive Elementary             1:05 pm
NP Middle School           1:23 pm
NP High School                1:35 pm
Prairie View Elem.           2:25 pm
Rolling Prairie Elem.        2:25 pm
Will transportation be impacted on early release days?
Yes, the buses will be taking students home at the early release times and afternoon drop off times will be adjusted. If you transportation details regarding the specific afternoon drop off time on the early release days. You may also contact Bruce Lasley at the transportation department at (574) 654-7373 if you have any additional questions.
Will the after school 21st Century Club still be operating on early release days?
Yes, the 21st Century after school program (Bobcat Club, Bulldog Club, Tiger Time, and the MS after school club) will be operating for K-8th grade students but will begin at the earlier release time at each school. The end time and drop off location time for each one of these clubs will remain the same. There will still be a snack given to each student and we will provide a couple of additional breaks to accommodate the longer amount of time the students are there. If you would prefer for your child not to attend club that day, please let your building site coordinator know.
Will there still be the YMCA Latchkey Program on early release days?
Yes, the Latchkey Program will still operate as usual on the early release days. However, the afternoon times will be adjusted to drop students off at Rolling Prairie at the early release times listed above. The end time of the program will remain the same. If you have any questions regarding the Latchkey Program on those days, please contact Sandy Stefanko (219) 325-9622 and she will be able to answer any additional questions.
Will other after school activities still take place on the early release days?
Yes, all after school activities such as band, academic clubs, sports, etc. will still take place sometime in the evening or after school. You may contact your student’s coach or sponsor for additional questions, details, and adjusted schedule.
What if there is a 2 hour delay on an Early Release Day?
In order to count the instructional day on the school calendar, NPUSC can only use an early release OR a two hour delay. NPUSC cannot combine both of these on the same instructional day. If a two-hour delay should occur on an early release day, then NPUSC will have to cancel the early release and normal dismissal times would occur. NPUSC will notify parents of this change through phone, text, and email if this should transpire.
*If you have any questions regarding these early release days, you may contact your building principal or Dr. Carrie Cannon, Assistant Superintendent at (574) 654-7273.

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High Ability Screenings

NPUSC conducts corporation-wide screening for high ability identification for students in grades K, 2, and 5.

High ability testing is available for students in all grades through nominations from teachers, parents, and/or students.  

Nomination forms are available on the NPUSC and school websites under the Programs/Services tab-High Ability Home Page-High Ability Documents-Nomination Form.

Return completed nomination forms to Barbara Papai on or before January 31st.

Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

FAX:   574-654-7964

Mail, Hand, or Inter-School Delivery:   

Olive Elementary School, 300 W. Ben St., New Carlisle, IN 46552

For additional information, call Barbara Papai, High Ability Coordinator: 574-654-0448.

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