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Good News from New Prairie High School

NPHS Honors English 9 Shows Off Their Art Skills
Students in Honors English 9 started Great Expectations by Charles Dickens this week, their most challenging novel of the year.  Artistic students showed off their skills as groups made these character posters.  Students had to describe the character and choose 2 memorable quotes about the character for their posters.

NPHS February Athletes of the Month
Congrats to New Prairie Strength's February Athletes of the Month! These Student-Athletes have met the criteria that have been set and were selected for excellent displays of Effort, Accountability, as well as Leadership.  Keep up the good work.

NPHS World History
Mr. Dailey’s World History class has been  learning about European Exploration and the Columbian Exchange.

NPHS 2D Art Practices Gesture Drawing
The students in 2D Art practiced their gesture drawing skills this week. Fellow peers volunteered to model while their classmates did quick sketches of their pose. The models tried to be creative and fun with their poses and made it an enjoyable experience for the class.

NPHS Spanish Class Collaborates for Learning
New Prairie Spanish students learn through collaboration.

NPHS Interactive Media Works Digitally
The Interactive Media classes are hard at work learning 3-D modeling, animation, design layout using Sketch Up, Unity, and Blender.

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      The New Prairie United School Corporation, in collaboration with its community, provides students with a quality education that develops responsible citizens as life long learners.


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