Inaugural Career Fair

New Prairie High School Inaugural Career Fair:

Dear Parents and Students,

We are excited to announce the details of our upcoming inaugural career fair which will be held on Thursday, December 17th, beginning just after our last morning final that day.

We have put together a line up of approximately 50-53 individuals from a myriad of careers, organizations, businesses and government, who are donating their time to come in and present up to eight 25 minute sessions about their job, the training required, the skills necessary, and the potential income and growth opportunities for those who choose to enter that particular career field.

This has been in the discussion stages for over a year, and in the serious planning stages for the past three months. I want to thank Miss Ashley Robbins, Beyond the Cougar Den Coordinator, and Mrs. Van Buskirk, assistant principal, who have helped me bring this vision to fruition.

It is our goal to expose our students to the amazing opportunities that are out there for them, and that the future is bright, full of hope, and that the job market is good, with hundreds of different options for them. It is our expectation that the students are able to become intrigued with one or two of the careers that they look at in order to help them become more focussed and committed to what they need to do in order to achieve their goal.

We want to thank in advance, all of our presenters who have not only taken time to prepare for these up to eight sessions with our students, but who have taken the major part of their day away from their own workplace to to make this happen. We also want to thank the owners, supervisors, and leaders of the respective businesses, organizations and entities, for supporting their employees or representatives in order that we can bring to pass this first annual event.

In order for this to be completely successful, we also need the support and commitment from our students, as well as parents, so that they remain in school on this day to participate in this career learning experience. This could very well prove to be one of the most important days in our students' high school career.

We have incorporated the use of a unique scheduling technology in order to pull this off and the scheduling window for our students will open up sometime either later today or first thing in the morning. Each student will be pre-assigned a lunch period, which will count for one of their 8 sessions, and they will then sign up for another 7 sessions throughout the day. We have also built in a mid-day break with a holiday musical concert for the students while we feed our presenters lunch.

We are thrilled at how this has come together, and believe that this very well could be one of the most significant career exploration opportunities in their high school years.

We again thank Miss Robbins, Mrs. Van Buskirk, Mrs. Carrie Cannon, Dr. Paul White, our distinguished School Board of Trustees, each of our students and you as parents, and all of our presenters, and their leaders, owners and supervisors.

It is our hope that this will continue to be an annual event so that by the time a freshmen has been in our school all four years, they will have been introduced to nearly 30 potential career opportunities.

I am including below the career areas that we have confirmed and are in place as of today.

In Our House, it is our goal to help inspire and motivate these amazing students, and one way to do that is through helping them make connections, in order to become bought into their own futures.

Thank you all for your support,

Mr. D.

Career Presenters:
Respiratory Therapist
US Army & National Guard Representative
US Marshal
Graphic Designer
Red Hen Turf Farm
Pharmacy Tech
Athletic Trainer
Marine Corps
Athletic Director
Higher Education Registrar
City Prosecutor
Volunteer Fire Fighter
Michigan City Police Chief of Services
City Council and Commander of VFW
Insurance Sales
IT Management and Careers
Project Manager Alcoa Howmet
Hotel and Event Management
Professional Golfer and College Coach
Sales Representative
Landscape Architecture
Professional Firefighter
LaPorte County Sheriff' Department
Department of Corrections
Southwest Airline Pilot
Registered Nurse
Child Victim Advocate
Steel Worker and President of Union
Voice of the ND Women's Basketball
Civil Engineer
Hospital Facility Manager
Executive Director of Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation
Teacher's Credit Union
Attorney at Law
School Counselor
Aerospace Engineer
Elementary Principal
City of South Bend Head Engineer
Lab Tech Director
Christmas Tree Farmer
Site Billing and Hospital Coding
Farm Bureau
Bank Administrator- First Source
State Police Investigator
Pyrotechnic Specialist

Greg Dettinger, Principal

New Prairie High School

5333 North Cougar Road

New Carlisle, Indiana 46552

(574) 654-7271 ext. 70254

Spring Parent Letter

March 2nd, 2015

Dear Parents and/or Guardians:

I hope this letter finds all of you doing well as we head towards spring with hopefully, some nicer weather in the near future. I want to share a few critical items with you as we rapidly approach the end of another quite successful year here at NPHS.

We are coming upon the end of our 3rd quarter grading period, which in effect is a mid-term. Even though you will see a report card per se, in Power School, it is in reality just a mid-term grade, which gets replaced by the end of semester grade on the transcript. (These quarter grades or mid-terms do not appear on final transcripts; only the semester grades.)

With this in mind, the mid-term grading period ends a week from Thursday, on March 12th. Teachers will upload their final grades, which will be available to all of you in Power School by Monday, March 16.  

With the importance of these mid-terms to our students and their futures’, we are implementing a spring Parent-Teacher Conference night which will be held in the same manner as we did this past fall. On Thursday, March 19th, from 4-7:30 PM, all of our teachers will set up in the large gymnasium just as before. I can’t encourage each of you enough about the incredible opportunity this provides to you and your student/s. Please take advantage of this opportunity to come in and meet with your student’s teachers. (This is a new opportunity not offered in the recent past here at NPHS, and as the instructional leader of the school, I believe it is another critical component of our efforts to improve what we do here for your students at New Prairie HS.)

As many of you know, we have significantly increased our AP (Advanced Placement) offerings here at NPHS, nearly triple what they were, and also how many were participating just three years ago.) We became a part of a wonderful program co-sponsored by Notre Dame University, where our teachers and students receive free training and support. All students in AP classes in the areas of English, Math and Science, are eligible for this training and we ask you to encourage them to participate in the upcoming Saturday sessions on March 21st and April 18th. (We are hosting both of them right here at NPHS.)

We are in process of having all students enroll in the AP exams coming up in May. All of the English, Science and Math AP students must take these exams, and they are presently free of charge to our students; however, we also want and encourage all other AP content area students to sign up and take their exams as well. The cost is only$91 and is a significant savings versus taking the courses in college and paying full tuition. (Students on free and reduced lunch plans do not have to pay for their exams.)

We are also excited to be offering a new four-year opportunity in Agricultural Science to the students here at NPHS.  Our first introductory course will be offered this upcoming fall as well as the creation and chartering of a new FFA (Future Farmers of America) Club Organization, which may be the most organized leadership program in all of public education. With Indiana being a central part and hub of the AG industry, it is imperative on our part; to help identify students while introducing them to the vast number of careers available through this program.

As most are aware, your students have submitted their class selections and we will begin building next year’s schedule by week’s end. It is our hopes to have this completed by sometime mid to late March so we can make adjustments to staffing for next year.

Finally, I want to take a moment to thank you for your support in all that we are trying to do here at New Prairie. It is our goal to motivate, encourage, challenge, teach, hold accountable, and facilitate each and every student’s opportunities to learn and be successful in all that they do. As a wise person once said, “it takes a village to raise-up the child”. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your student’s village. We take our responsibilities quite seriously.

Let’s work together to bring an incredible end to another successful year at Our House. Come on Cougar Nation, now is the time to step up and work together.


Greg Dettinger, Principal

Welcome to New Prairie High School!


Dear New Prairie High School Students and Parents,

This is the time of year when courage, hope, goals and dreams are tested. When hard work and sweat payoff or sometimes don't; or at least it seems that way. 

As fall sports' seasons wrap up for our seniors it always brings tears of joy and sadness as reality suddenly sets in and our senior student athletes realize they have just played their last high school game, or performed in their last marching contest of their high school careers. 

The hardest thing to learn in competition of any sort is that in the end their may always be a champion, but along the way, there are definitely not losers. Sure, 63 of 64 teams end up with one or more losses, but they aren't losers. The hardest thing to learn in life is that the concept of competition teaches us much more, than about winning.

The idea or concept teaches us to set and establish goals, teaches us about how to step away from the game or situation after it is over to analyze our performance, then gives us the opportunity to return to the next practice with a new plan to build upon the strengths identified and to correct the mistakes learned along the way.

Competition teaches us to never give up or give in. That when we face our Goliath, we strategize and create a plan in which we can conquer that Goliath in our path. The other great thing about this process is that we recognize and realize it is just a game or performance and in the grand scheme of life, doesn't mean that much.

The great part about this process is stepping back and looking at ourselves and learning and getting better. The concept of competition prepares us for the real game of life where the stakes are much higher and longer lasting. 

In most cases it means being part of a team which teaches communication, negotiation, and other critical life skills. If you look around your world and those you have seen achieve what we might perceive as success, we discover that the lion share of them participated in some form of competitive program while in high school, and for those who have achieved what appears to be even greater success, we discover that they continued with some type of competitive program in college. 

This isn't because these folks were necessarily the most gifted athletes or musicians or performers, it is because they were the most committed to turning their dreams into clear and achievable goals with daily and weekly plans to move towards those goals. 

Life isn't about how many times you get knocked down, life, and success in life, is about how many times you get back up, and what you do with what you learned while you were down on the ground. 

My great mentor, President Abraham Lincoln, lived his life in this way. He never had the opportunity to go to regular public school, but he took it upon himself to read and learn on his own. Most others in his situation would have complained and not done anything about improving their situation. He learned to listen and ask lots of questions. He learned from the answers he received and he set some goals and formulated a plan. He decided to become a politician so he could make a difference in the world that he knew. When he ran and lost, he didn't quit, in fact the next time he ran, he tried for even a higher office. He continued this process 12 times until finally after never quitting, he was elected as the 16th President of the United States. He took office at possibly the most crucial time in our nation's history and instead of running from it, complaining about it, or quitting, he in fact faced the situation head on. He lead our country through its most trying times and changed not only the world he lived in, but the world as we know it today, and then; literally gave his life as a result of his choices.

As I have watched so many of you have your seasons ended abruptly, I feel your pain and anguish and somewhat understand your thoughts of hopelessness and despair. I truly hurt with you, but I stand alongside of you as your cheerleader; their to comfort you, and to push you to get back up and to find another race, another game, another performance in life and to once again set a goal, develop a plan, and execute that plan, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, until you reach your ultimate goal.

For those that are still playing and winning, whether you make it to the end or not, it is like seeing the top of the mountain and climbing to the top, there to find a valley on the other side, with another mountain to climb, higher than the one you just conquered. With each mountain and each valley, the ultimate goal is to keep climbing, and each time you slip or fall, to get back up and continue forward and upward.

I have had the privilege of being a part of several state champion programs, and interestingly enough, what I remember is not the trophy presentation or the post game celebrations, parades and assemblies; what I remember is the journey. The lessons learned, and the relationships developed along the way. Those are the memories that I cherish and hold deep in my heart.

I want each of our student-athletes or performers to know that there are many who have walked in their shoes, and they are there, and will always be there to support them, encourage them, and as I try to do, cheer them on. 

I want the parents and even the coaches to remember that it is just a game, one that is designed to teach us life skills to help us become better people; better sons and daughters, better brothers and sisters, better students and some day employees or employers, better husbands and wives and ultimately, and possibly most importantly, better parents, fathers and mothers, teachers and nurturers.

I absolutely love my job. To me, it isn't a job, it is a calling in life to love and to support, to teach and to guide, and yes, even to cheer. May each of our student-athletes, performers, musicians, students, parents and coaches all learn from each moment each day, and strive to be better tomorrow than you are today; but not think it is the end when you fall, fail, lose or get knocked down. It is just another lesson to be learned. So learn and Get Back Up.

Let's have a great rest of the fall, and let's head into winter with our heads held high, because in Our House: We Live, We Learn, We forgive, We Forget, We Leave it Better than We Found it, We Help Others in Need, We Think of Others First, and We Never, Ever, Give Up or Quit. Remember, We Enter with Pride, and We Leave with Honor. Love It, Live It; This is Our House, Welcome!

Words aren't sufficient to describe my feelings for each one of you and the joy that each of you bring into my life each and every day. Each day I am a better person because of each of you. You all inspire me to want to be better and to work harder and to cheer even louder each and every day

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the most wonderful fall school year in my 21 year career. Let's keep it rolling forward, because together we are mighty!

Let's Go Cougar Nation. This is Our House!

Greg Dettinger, Principal


Congratulations David Walbring

giving award

Senior football player, David Walbring, named as the Phillip Eskew Mental Attitude Award Winner for the Class 4-A for 2014 Season.

Project Lead The Way Certification


                                                           New Prairie High School
               Receives Project Lead The Way Certification for STEM Education Program

New Carlisle, Indiana--New Prairie High School announced today that it has received national certification for its Project Lead The Way (PLTW) program that it has been offering since 2007- PLTW, a nonprofit organization and the nation's leading provider of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education programs, offers a rigorous world-class curriculum that allows students to apply what they are learning in math and science class to real-life biomedical science projects. PLTW also prides itself on high-quality professional development of its teachers and an engaged network of business, community and university partners to give students the fullest experience.

The national PLTW recognition program distinguishes schools for successfully demonstrating a commitment to PLTW's national standards. Additionally, certification as a PLTW school provides students with the opportunity to apply for college credit or receive college-level recognition at PLTW affiliate universities when they successfully complete select PLTW courses in high school. PLTW has more than 40 affiliate college and university partners.

"New Prairie High School should be congratulated for demonstrating once again its commitment to PLTW's quality standards," said PLTW President and CEO Vince Bertram. 'The real winners here, however, are the 196 students taking the classes. Students benefit from PL1W's innovative, project-based curriculum that encourages creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking. We look forward to many more years of working together to prepare New Prairie students to become the most innovative and productive in the world."

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